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Common bond links master and apprentice

Local businessman Juergen Reichenberg shares a common bond with his new apprentice John Webb - they both got a start thanks to Sarina Russo Job Access.

Mr Reichenberg is a graduate of a SRJA program that helps people start and operate a viable small business and John Webb is a jobseeker that came to the Sarina Russo Job Access in search of employment.

Mr Reichenberg, a German immigrant to Australia in 1995, undertook a New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) program to give him the chance to start up a business specialising in the diagnosis of electronic fuel injection vehicles.

Juergen's business, EFI Diagnostic and Repair Centre, is doing so well that he contacted Sarina Russo Job Access in search of an apprentice.

Mr Reichenberg said Sarina Russo Job Access is the first employment agency he contacted because of professional way they ran the NEIS program which prepared him to succeed in the Australian business environment.

"Within a few hours after contacting Sarina Russo Job Access for a new apprentice, I got a call back and an interview time was organised with John Webb, a local Wynnum jobseeker.

"I really like the synergy that both John and I got our starts thanks to Sarina Russo Job Access, Mr Reichenberg said.

Mr Webb said the opportunity to work as an apprentice in electronics is a dream come true and he couldn't be happier with his position at EFI Diagnostic and Repair Centre.

"I work hard because I love the type of work I'm doing and it's exciting that my tasks are gradually evolving to match my growing capabilities, Mr Webb said.

EFI Diagnostic and Repair Centre is flourishing and it is great to see one of Sarina Russo Job Access' previous candidates becoming one of our preferred clients.

Sarina Russo Job Access is passionate about finding the right candidate for the right employer and it is sensational that we could be part of Juergen and John's journey and more importantly their great success.

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